TMM Group

Central to the requirements of TMM Group was a move towards simplifying the IT requirements needed on-premises. TMM Group selected Pronto Hosted Services to manage and maintain its Pronto Xi 710 suite in the cloud.

With the new direction of the business, it is an opportunity for us to reduce the IT requirements needed on site, without compromising on service. Pronto Cloud gives us the freedom to focus on our core business.
– Carl O’Hehir, TMM Group Chief Executive Officer.


Keen to save on a substantial upfront investment and eliminate the need to train suitably qualified support staff, Sypaq investigated both Cloud and Hosted Services solutions.

We weren’t comfortable having our server hosted on the other side of the world – so we opted for Pronto Cloud to have our server hosted here in Melbourne. Plus the monthly fees saved us the upfront costs of setting up our own server.
– George Vicino, Sypaq Managing Director


It’s saves a lot of time, having someone externally manage our servers. Pronto Cloud appealed to us, as we didn’t want to pay exorbitant fees for IT contractors. Plus, it is set up to scale with our business as we grow. It suits us perfectly.
– Ryan Williams, Leica General Manager