Pronto Hosted Services

Infrastructure as a Service

Pronto Cloud can provide all or some of the IT infrastructure you need to run all of your ERP, web and business software applications.

  • No capital expenditure, with low up-front investment and running costs, and no unexpected expenses

  • Guaranteed uptime, service availability and delivery – allowing you to focus more on your business and less on your IT

  • Your data is stored as if it were on a server in your office, so you retain full ownership of and access to it in a standard format 


Platform as a Service

Enjoy all the benefits of the flagship Pronto Xi Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, without the complexity.

  • Fully customisable, flexible solutions – only pay for the applications you need, and rapidly scale-up or change as you need to

  • Securely access your software and data wherever you are in Australia and around the world

  • Real-time redundancy in distributed data centres and data backup management

  • Highest level of security for your data, workflows, forms and audit trails



Pronto Hosted Services

Pronto Hosted Services

Management as a Service

By managing, monitoring and maintaining your business applications and IT infrastructure for you, Pronto Cloud allows you to concentrate 100% on what’s most important - running and growing your business.

  • Monitoring and Support – including help-desk and 24/7 phone support

  • System Administration – including monitoring and maintaining key server processes, and setting up users and systems

  • Pronto-Specific System Administration – including creating new datasets and maintaining scripts and environment files

  • Installation and Upgrades – including data migrations and system email configuration

  • Database Administration – including creating and configuring new databases within IDS/Oracle/MS SQL 

Disaster Recovery as a Service

The cost of downtime can be significant not only in terms of revenue and productivity but also brand damage and overall financial performance.

  • Replicate infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud to enable full environmental recovery

  • Robust, cost-effective system of DRaaS that ensures high availability, performance and security

  • Adaptable and flexible to meet your recovery point objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 

  • Simple, straightforward licensing and pricing



Pronto Hosted Services